Simple hassle-free online transaction order. Download your ticket as a PDF file from the ORDERS tab in your user profile at Simply print it out and bring it to the festival (even an old monochromatic printer will work fine) and show the ticket at the ticket check-in at the main festival entrance. Please keep the PDF file(s) and barcode(s) secret and safe as the only the first person presenting the barcode/ticket will be allowed in. The order can be paid via online card payment (preferred!) or via PayPal (please note that a transaction fee will apply for PayPal payments).

There will be an option to exchange your PRINT@HOME ticket for a collector's design hard paper ticket at the festival merch booth for a very modest fee.


New video 2019 - SACRED REICH

They were never a part of the 'big four', however, in the history of thrash they meant a damn lot. Crowds of fans, regardless of age, had prayed to revive one of the most distinctive thrash bands - Arizona's SACRED REICH - which was verified by your large numbers at their performance last year.They have never done overcomplicated songs and even in the new „The Awakening“, which has brought them back to the scene after 23 years, they sympathetically stick to the straightforwardness, that besides sharp riffs, mid-tempo, and Phil's more melodic vocals, makes use of selfless hardcore-punk appr ...

New video 2019 - WALLS OF JERICHO

Detroit's WALLS OF JERICHO did not become a sensation at the beginning of their career in 1998 just because they were one of the very first female-fronted core bands. They were able to perfectly combine and balance classic hardcore with the emerging wave of modern metalcore, to which they added a pinch of oldschool thrash. Within the metallic hardcore, they are one of the most important bands which has not derived from their concept throughout the years.What they add on top is an incredible blasting energy that even the newer and much younger acts cannot match. Not to mention, what the 'stage ...

Refunds from A to Z, pre-sale for 2021

Brutal Assault has been postponed to next year. The new dates are August 10 - 14, 2021.As some of you have already noticed, the next year's edition will add an extra day! After the forced one-year break we want to celebrate our 25th anniversary in an even greater way, so the traditional Tuesday's warm-up party will expand into a full festival day!We are now working on further upgrading the festival to give you the best experience worth of the 25 years of Brutal Assault. A lot of organisational improvements and new projects are planned, both for the main festival area and its surroundings.If yo ...

Brutal is forced to postpone to 2021

These are difficult news to break but alas, here we are. After long weeks of waiting, hoping and inventing alternative scenarios, we came to the conclusion that in the current situation it is impossible to hold the festival this summer. We are forced to postpone our 25th anniversary to the next year. Hence, the next Brutal Assault is taking place August 10 - 14, 2021.We are sure that all of You will understand that no other solution is possible due to medical risk, restrictive government policies and next to impossible international travel. We have already confirmed most of the major bands fro ...




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