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New video 2019 - VAMPILLIA

Self-defined as a 'brutal orchestra', Vampillia from Japan constantly pushing and blurring the boundaries. Each of their records is different. It is never quite possible to define what exactly they are playing and what they are about to bring on stage. Vampillia combines post-rock, black metal, avant-rock, shoegaze, death metal, crust, and so on… simply put a soundtrack to an insane anime and a furious mishmash. Are they serious or is it just an absurd parody? Hard to say, however, we can undoubtedly all agree on their remarkable originality.In 2019 VAMPILLIA, together with Violent Magic Orc ...

New video 2018 - EXHORDER

It is said about Exhorder that they were the inspiration behind Pantera's genre shift at the turn of the 80's and 90's, while remaining in their shadow themselves. Together with Demolition Hammer, Sacred Reich or Nuclear Assault, was their show on our stages one from the wave of comebacks of American legends that Brutal has brought for you.It was only a year after the show Exhorder released a record after an unbelievable 27 years, so the pioneers of thrashed groove with a Southern feeling (Louisiana!) with songs inspired even by the stoner spirit of bands like Down, Corrosion of Conformity or ...

New video 2019 - CYTOTOXIN

It was last year that CYTOTOXIN released the excellent „Nuklearth“ record. However, this show from 2019 is all about their previous two albums, which are not a single radiation less intense, quite the contrary! The songs from „Gammageddon“ and „Radiophobia“, which seem to be written with a pen of speed Gods Origin, raise the levels of gamma radiation to life-threatening thresholds, where the crowds sniffing uranium are hauled into a crazy circle pit. As is expected from Pripyat radio-activists, they get on the stage wearing gas masks, the growling machine Grimo blows some poisonous ...

New video 2018 - SADISTIC INTENT

When looking at the discography of this California band, you come to an interesting realization - SADISTIC INTENT have been involved in extreme music since 1987, however, they haven't released their debut album yet!All one can find are demos, EPs and splits, there are no big awards nor media rumble. And yet quite a crowd of maniacs gathered on Friday afternoon to see them, since these guys have been loyal to their dark forest form of death metal for more than 35 years and three of them have also appeared in the cult Possessed.SADISTIC INTENT's energetic old school with catchy riffs is still po ...




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