With the festival now sold-out we can afford the luxury of focusing on details. But the unavailability of tickets in our official shop can cause problems to those fans, that didn't get the tickets in time and are now forced to go for second-hand passes.

We ask you to be very cautious when buying second-hand tickets!

We discourage you from buying tickets from un-authorized services like Viagogo or Ticketswap. There is a big risk of scam when buying via these services, where there already were cases of vendors selling multiple copies of the same ticket to many customers.
WE ALSO NEED TO WARN YOU, that tickets for which there was a fulfillment order, could be invalidated and don't grant you access to the festival... so be very cautious with second-hand ticket purchases!

We are unable to prevent the fraudulent cases or guarantee tickets purchased outside of our official distribution network, so we ask you to be wary and to buy your festival passes in advance next year.