Country: Belgium

Over the course of the group’s 20-plus career, they’ve transformed—via tongue-through-cheek and gross-out histrionics—from minor curio to the powerhouse from Flanders. The ascent through death metal’s maggot-infested, disease-ridden ranks didn’t come easy, however. Starting with 2003’s stab-to-the-face Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done, the finest Belgian export ABORTED crawled through some of the most disgusting sewers, serviced some of the wickedest human waste plants, and cleaned up Europe’s most brutal crime scenes. 

From there, it’s been nothing but golden showers and true reverence (by fan and peer alike) across six agonizingly good full-lengths. But Aborted aren’t that funny. They are, however, sickly serious and positively savage.