Country: Germany

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In Weil am Rhein in Germany, as early as back in 1983, drummer Tommy, guitarist Mike and bassist / vocalist Schmier founded a band which was going to become a legend and write many chapters in Thrash Metal history: DESTRUCTION! The first MLP entitled Sentence Of Death (1985) was the first time band showed there is now an infernal force to be reckong with in Germany. Many records, world tours and festival appearances followed, the band became a staple and a building blog in the Teutonic BIG 4 but 35 years after establishing the band, DESTRUCTION sound as angry as in the beginning. Just the songwriting is light-years away from the eighties; it’s much more mature and mellow. However their shows are showcases of raw energy as every and the band will nail all of your moshers to walls of our beloved fortress at BA 2019!