Country: Sweden

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HYPOCRISY was formed in Ludvika, Stockholm by guitarist Peter Tägtgren in October 1991. As well as HYPOCRISY, Tägtgren has carved out a considerable and esteemed catalogue of work with other musical concerns such as the industrial solo concept PAIN, LOCKUP, THE ABYSS and BLOODBATH. He also does dual duty as a producer in constant demand, operating from his Abyss Studios base racking up recognition on the other side of the desk with acts such as CHILDREN OF BODOM, DIMMU BORGIR, THERION, CELTIC FROST, DARK FUNERAL, DESTRUCTION and IMMORTAL amongst many others. In the last more than 20 years – with such amazing albums as The Final Chapter (1997), Hypocrisy (1999) or Into the Abyss (2000), HYPOCRISY are firmly established as a first-rate death metal act. They’ve charted all over the world, toured Europe, Japan and the US, and the fans all over the world worship them as Death Metal heroes.