Country: Brazil

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For almost 30 years, the Brazilian death metal power-trio of brothers KRISIUN has been renowned for frenetic blistering death metal of unmistakably KRISIUN blend. The legendary albums like the rabid Black Force Domain (1995), 2000’s constantly blasting masterpiece Conquerors Of Armageddon, and the merciless yet memorable Southern Storm (2008), are furious classics of the genre. The band’s trademarks have always been insane tempos, almost inhuman drumming and Lemmy-like roaring vocals negating any sense of ‘hooks’ or ‘melody’. And, let us face it – while KRISIUN have become extremely technical and more varied in terms of grooves and rhythms over the years – they are forever committed to deliver the full-on-death-metal -assault that made the group legendary in the first place.