Country: Sweden

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The music of MESHUGGAH is an epitome of their monicker, which is Yiddish word for “insane”. They started as a five-piece band from Umeå, Sweden, already back in 1987. The band’s style has been evolving since day one, but despite constant cancerous-like growth of the cells composing their style, they are now firmly recognizable by their use of extended polymetric passages, polyrhythmic drum patterns, angular, dissonant guitar riffs, and harsh vocals. These Swedish progressive metal pioneers have celebrated three decades of existence last year, but continue to defy any expectations on their latest record as to the limitations of metal. On top of that they prove their virtuosic prowess by taking their cathedral-complex compositions to stages all over the world through the band’s legendary shows and will grace the stages of BA 2019 with one of them!