Country: Norway

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Cold Norwegian fog will make your bones shiver..as TAAKE takes over Brutal Assault! From the rugged, rain-swept coastline of Bjoergvin, enclosed within the looming embrace of seven mountains, emerges this unmerciful act, spawning 7 records thus far, all of them rising from the gloom like the beacon of traditional black metal. Their metal is fresh, yet traditional in spirit. It is familiar to the ear, yet unexpectedly proceeds to wind its sinuous and unpredictable way through a soundscape that only a mother could love. A soundscape underscored by a nasty groove, that at times can appear deceptively playful. TAAKE still today manages to stay relevant and at the forefront of the genre, and, true to form, Hoest, who plays every instrument on their latest album “Kong Vinter” himself, has ensured that the album is imbued with the unique TAAKE sound whilst at the same time developing it further.